Back to School: 4 Tips for a Healthy Transition


Summertime is coming to an end, and with that comes all of the back to school anxiety and jitters that are common amongst children.

Your child may experience common physical effects of anxiety associated with back to school time including symptoms from stomach aches to sleeping problems. They will also experience emotional stress from the fear of making new friends, meeting new teachers, fears of being bullied, pressure of making good grades, and worries of being unpopular. With that said, it important for parents to first remember that these physical and emotional feelings are very common, and even the most well-adjusted kids are bound to feel some sort of pressure when they return to school. 

What can parents do to help their children cope with the physical and emotional stresses associated with the back to school season? 

1. Put your child on a healthy sleeping pattern right away! 

Children need at least 8 to 10 hours of REM sleep each night. Children that do not...

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