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We are the Nguyens...

For the past 10 years our business has grown alongside our family.

We are passionate about living a healthy & balanced life & YES we run the dojo together! Whether it's coming up with fun ideas for events & camps to creating training videos that help teach techniques & tips for the martial arts life...we live it & breathe it together. 



I have been training in the Martial Arts for over 40 years now, starting at the young age of 4 years. While living in Vietnam, I began to practice Tae Kwon Do, working my way up to Black Belt. In 1978, after the fall of Saigon, my family escaped Vietnam by Boat & spent several difficult years in a refugee camp in the Philippines. While I was in the camp I studied kali, until my older brother sponsored us in America where we were able to start our new lives in Boston, MA. Eventually, I continued my training in Tae Kwon Do & began studying Shotokan Karate, establishing myself as a 3rd degree black belt in both styles in 1982. I am currently 8th degree black belt in Karate, 3rd degree in Tae Kwon Do and ranked as Arjan in Muay Thai.  

My Martial Arts background has truly helped me in all aspects of my life. It has shown me that hard work and discipline pays off and has kept me humble, grounded, and open to all cultures. I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Movie appearances: Maneater (2009), The Kingdom (2007)

Books: Step On The Mat (2019)



Our first daughter came into the world a day early and ready to go go go!  She is powerful, direct, and is a full on extrovert.  She loves the social scene and has the mindset of the more the merrier! She loves acting, tricking snowboarding, cooking and playing lacrosse.  She moves fast, so try to keep up!

Check out all of Patience's instructional videos & techniques here!


Our second daughter is a Water Dragon and was even born into the water.  She is a sweet, magical and sensitive soul.  She is always warm and welcoming, we call her the love glue that holds the family together.  She loves Wonder Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, art, makeup, fashion and nunchucks (like Mikey).  If you are in need of a warm and funny conversation have a seat next to Harmony. Click here to see Harmony in action!


Our last little one! Sky is the baby of the family, but he will prove he can keep up with the rest of us no problem.  He is a little creative rebel!  He loves drawing,  Spiderman, doing front rolls, sword play, swimming and collecting as many action figurines as our home can handle. His birthday is near Halloween and this is also his favorite holiday, so you can often find him in costume…anytime of the year! Check out his artwork here!


I was raised to value being healthy & active. I studied ballet in my youth, introduced to yoga & meditation as a pre-teen, which became a lifelong passion & pursuit. I have travelled & studied these disciplines extensively & am always eager to share my learning with others. Martial arts was something I was always interested in, but did not have access to until I attended college at Tufts University. This is when I started training in Tae Kwon Do, and then Muay Thai when I met my husband, Ninja. Under his guidance I have grown to love martial arts & the transformative insights training can bring to enhance life & a love of learning. My style of instruction brings a blend of yoga & martial arts, providing a path to self-growth and discovery, as well as a great overall workout! It is my goal to share with others so they can succeed in life & love their bodies & their beings. We are all born beautiful just the way we are & through training we are able to re-discover & accept our greatness.

I am the operations guru here, so if you have questions I’ve got answers! Interested in booking us for events, seminars, private sessions or groups?  Email me at [email protected].

Listen to Anna's interview on the Mama Now podcast!

"This place is awesome! My kids love it! Ninja & his wife Anna are wonderful people. If you are looking to join a dojo this is the place to be. "

-Mary W.

The Nguyen Kids on YouTube

Martial Arts for kids by kids. Come learn the basics of Karate & Muay Thai with Patience, Harmony & Will!

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Step on the Mat: Life Lessons of the Ninja

Ninja Nguyen's martial arts adventure began when he was a small boy in Vietnam. It continued throughout his remarkable journey from his war-torn homeland to a refugee camp, and finally to America, where he's now the successful owner of a Boston dojo. In Step on the Mat, he shares his inspiring story as he leads you through each stage of his martial arts class—from opening bow to sparring and competition—and reveals the life-changing principles that can make you stronger in heart, mind, and body.


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Listen to Anna's interview on the Mama Now podcast!


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