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Amazing Results

Hi everyone! I just completed the 21 day comeback challenge and I cannot believe the results in just 21 days. I had my moments where I fell off the bandwagon, but Anna always supported me to get back on.

I ended up losing about 11 lbs and 4.5% body fat. Although that was a great outcome, my true goal was to kick my ice cream and carb addiction while getting back to daily exercise.

I truly feel like I gained so much insight into my own eating triggers, especially given how much stress we've all been under these last few weeks. I know I would have binged constantly on ice cream, pizza, goldfish crackers and chips. Instead, I kept mostly on track.

Even when I fell off track, I didn't do as poorly as i previously would have. It was a tough 3 weeks, but it was so valuable to my future physical well-being and mental health. If you are considering the program, do it!

Especially during these times when many of us look to food for coping with stress, this gives you a way to curb those impulses and be mindful of your eating. I even learned that some of my favorite meals can be so healthy and that I feel so much better with many of my "trigger" foods out of my diet.

If you are worried about being quarantined and the dojo building being closed, I promise the digital classes were just as useful as those in-person classes. In fact, being able to go back and repeat classes or do them when I had time made it really easy to get those workouts in.

One of the most valuable things I gained through this program is new workout buddies and a wonderful new friend/accountability partner (I'm looking at you, Katherine!). I am so thankful for Anna, Ninja, the coaches and the other kick boxers for keeping me on track and showing me some kick butt meals that are delicious AND healthy."

- Alison Z.


Amazing Results

"Hi fit fam! I just wanted to share my experience from the 21-day challenge and hopefully kick-start you into re-evaluating your current habits and goals.

I went into this challenge with a goal to lose weight. I did not expect to take away valuable lessons on healthy eating, new friends, and an overall improvement to my daily life.

With the support of fellow challengers, instructors, and the ILKB team, I was able to stay focused and motivated. I’m glad to share that I have lost 8 lbs and 3.5% body fat!

So in short, if you’re looking for a challenge or want to level up your fitness goals, I highly encourage you to participate in the next 21 day challenge! I will be doing it again and would love to see you all join in! 

🥊💪" - Shirley W.

5 reasons why Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts is the best fitness studio in Medford, MA:

1. Get a Fighter's Workout.
Our classes are structured with a HIIT warm up, six bag rounds, partner drills, and cool down for the perfect mix of a well rounded workout.

2. Burn Hundreds of Calories.
Kickboxing is the best workout to lose fat fast and build lean muscles. Many professional fighters and celebrities have used kickboxing as the workout to get in their amazing shape.

3. Always a Different Workout.
Take a class every day of the week, and your workout will never be the same. Our instructors create new workout combinations every day to keep your body from getting used to the same routine.

4. Long Lasting Results.
Our unique combination of kickboxing and high intensity interval training will keep your body consistently alert and produce results that will last.

5. Dedicated Support System.
Our instructors have your back, and you can think of us as your accountability partners. We provide regular check-ins to see how you feel, learn about your victories and challenges, and build a plan to help achieve your goals.




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